I was thinking about “triggers” after my wine-in-cooking episode on Sunday. How and why did a recipe with wine in it set me off?

I recently read an interesting conversation about booze glasses. Some folks had to get wine glasses right out of the house because they were too triggering; others enjoy their non-alcoholic drinks in pretty glasses without difficulty. This surprised me, as I haven’t had that experience of being triggered by glasses.

I was also surprised when, the day before my little meltdown, I read a post about how non-alcoholic beer triggered the schizzle out of a guy. Sober Tony confessed he swilled a six of them, and wondered if you had to drink alcohol to reIapse. Now for me, having a near-beer doesn’t trouble a wit. I don’t feel like I need a real beer, or I need more than one. It seems to satisfy the beer urge without causing any problems.

However, I now better understand the negative reactions I got in my support group a couple of years ago when I said I was enjoying non-alcoholic beers. I felt oddly… judged. Well no. I felt judged. Period. But I can see now that this behaviour could very well be triggering for others, and that these folks might well assume I was on the downward road based on their own experiences.

More importantly, I can see that they were wrong. I mean some triggers would have to be such no-brainers as to be universal. For example: don’t open a drink and put it in front of you and stare at it. Probably a trigger.

But beyond obvious stupidity, we probably all have unique complements of triggers and temptations, and I think it is important to respect that every sober journey has its own quirks and characteristics. I don’t have to feel bad about drinking near beer if it works for me and my sobriety. I just have to stay self-aware about what works and what doesn’t.

Also on a happy note family dinner last night the wine was flowing, and I was just fine with my lemon-lime and bitters! No cravings. Huzzah!


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