Alcohol is Delicious

I have been dabbling with Jason Vale’s “Kick the Drink Easily!” It’s very popular. I picked it up a couple of years ago and it just wasn’t floating my boat. Now I remember one reason why: he says alcohol tastes awful, and makes the case that we are conditioned to think it tastes good.

Maybe he’s right. Here’s the thing though: I don’t care if I’ve been conditioned in the past or not. I’m not going to be able to reason my way in to thinking that alcohol tastes awful now. It doesn’t. It’s fucking delicious. Wine is delicious. Scotch is delicious. Beer is delicious. (I mean *good* beer, wine and scotch, of course). As a bit of a foodie it is very difficult for me to turn off my aesthetic sensibilities and try to persuade myself that alcohol is gross. It has some very pleasurable aspects. If it didn’t, we wouldn’t drink it.

Lucky, lucky people who can drink moderately get to enjoy these pleasurable aspects without it taking over their lives. I am, it seems, not one of those lucky people. Oh well. I’ve promised myself I’m not going to feel sorry for myself about that, but it does pose some practical concerns. Like what to enjoy with a giant steak besides a giant glass of chewy Cab Sauv.

I’m working on this. There are all sorts of pretty mocktail recipes out there but they are fussy and tend to be sweet. If I didn’t drink cocktails because they are too fruity and a pain in the ass to make, I’m probably not going to suddenly embrace the mocktail either. I don’t know. I’m not all pity-party here but I am at a bit of a loss about what to drink when you don’t drink.


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